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StarBaron Skirmish 0.99.5 Released

2008-08-19 19:19:35 by alienpro

Just a few fixes in this release. I think it's finally getting stable.

* Ship count won't go negative, fleets won't go missing, everything is correct this time!!
* AI doesn't do it's ganging up for now (I need to think about it a bit better)
* Instead, difficulties 4 and 5 see the AI with stronger start positions. I thik even the veterans will have trouble this time!

You can get more details at

Again, let me know when you beat level 5, and I'll make a level 6 :)

Have fun!



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2008-08-26 07:27:14

really liked your game----
maybe you could make different ship types and worlds, and make it about expanding an empire being able to make allies etc, really liked star baron.


2008-09-05 12:43:08

AlienPro smells weird.